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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A new opportunity

Prinz William Augustus von Flatsburg died during the night of 9 January. Herzog Fredrick von Harzburg Has been waiting for this opportunity. With the death of Prinz William Augustus, a claim can be made on Flatsburg, as no mere girl can be allowed to rule Flatsburg. Either she will be deposed or forced to marry one of his sons for the time is now to seize Flatsburg. With Flatsburgs leadership gone, Harzburg can force the breakaway lands to swear oaths of fealty to Harzburg. Herzog Fredrick von Harzburg looks to the Brandenburger for the temperature of the Empires abilities. The army of Harzburg is ordered to fill all positions and bring the regiments to war strength. While one battalion stays and trains the other will pull as many as possible from the 2nd battalion of the regiment. The Leib Regiment is hereby elevated to grenadier status and will be issued miters at once. The Leib regiment serves as the palace guard along with it field duties.


  1. A "mere" girl?
    Like Bouadacia?
    LIke Theodosia?
    Like Zenobia?
    The Herzon has no idea, does he?
    And he'd better not be downwind when the Schwabian forces get that shipment of Frankszonian Brats!

  2. Reich Duke Wilhelm von Beerstein has recognized Prinzessin Maria Athena as the legitimate heir to Flatsburg. As such, the Reich Duchy of Beerstein is obligated to send troops in her defense. It is our desire that hostilities can be avoided. In the spirit of peace, Reich Duke Wilhelm has invested Herzog Fredrick von Harzburg into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard. Our Ambassador, Graf Ostendorf, has been dispatched to your court to assist in a peaceful resolution to the Flatsburg situation.