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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Items from the Harzburg Times

The Herzog of Harzburg has taken over control of the former Free City of Schwab-Flusshafen and it’s territory in response to the city’s cooperation with the Rebellious states. The Herzog further declares that as Harzburg has an ancient claim on Schwab-Flusshafen, the territory will be governed by a Governor General who will report directly to the Herzog. The Freiherr of Stummesdorf has been installed as Governor-General of Schwab-Flusshafen.

Schwab-Flusshafen has been turned into a supply depot to serve as the foreword base for future operations. Governor-General Freiherr of Stummesdorf has ordered the conscription of military males to form new battalions for defensive operations, 4 line battalion and a Brigade gun crew. The Herzog has ordered his recruiters to scour the new territory for recruits to the regular field force.
Military sources state that the only response from the rebellious states has been to send the criminal Fuch and his band of thieves to plunder the outer regions of Harzburg's new lands. The heroic Jaeger Corps has began the hunting down of these criminals.