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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Planning the reply

A tierd Minister Gerissenheit entered the Herzogs meeting room. "My appologies for being late to this meeting, Your Grace. I revieved troubling news this morning and I had to gather all the information to present you with the facts."

Herzog Fredrick looked from his chair at the head of the table, "Minister Gerissenheit make your presintation then I will decide if appologies are warented."

Minister Gerissenheit related the news of the raid by the Schwabian Jaegers across the river. Then he told of the availability of spare horses and equipment to return the troop of Mounted Jaegers to the field in a matter of days. "I need you Grace permission to pull 2 companies from a couple of regiment and 2 companies of grenadiers to fill out the regular infantry for a raid."

Herzog Fredrick thought a moment and replied, "I will allow you to approach Thalber's regiment, Lewe's regiment, and my Herzog's regiment for the regular infantry. You do plan to send the Jaeger Corps in so that they may repay the kindness shown them."

'Your grace is most astute. Even now the Jaeger Corps is being assembled and equipped. I expect that they will re ready to cross the border in 3 days."

"I have a squadron of Dragoons accompanying me. I will have them made available to you to add some cover for the infantry. Send an artillery company with the raiding force to deal with any stubborn defences. I accept you apologies for being late now we have much to discuss and my ministers will need to work together to make this raid an effective first action of the season."

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