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Monday, March 1, 2010

Artillery Company

I plan to amend the War Games organization for Harzburg. I am planning to organize their guns into Artillery Companies. Each company will be made up of
3 guns and limbers
15 gunners
12 artillery guard
4 foot officers
1 mounted officer


  1. I'm curious how you decided to use 3 guns and crews for your companies. With 40mm figures, this seems like a large front for your artillery alone. How large a table do you game on? Nice choice for figures the Prince August. I've always been a big fan of the stylized look of them for this period, and they display a good paint job very well. Eagerly awaiting pictures. - Mike (St. Maurice)

  2. I chose to give the Harzburg artillery companies 3 guns to give them a strong artillery component. Just as Prussia had an artillery advantage over Austria so Harzburg will have an advantage over Schwabia. Schwabia is on the defensive and will be able to draw artillerist from garrisons while Harzburg will not.