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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Jaegers tale I I

Leutenant Klink cleared his throat and tried to organize his thoughts. After a moment of silence Klink begins his tale, " I was ordered to examine the fords along the river and make notes on their depths and condition. My troop started at the northernmost ford and continued south taking note of the rivers depths and the condition of the footing at the fords."

"Along the way south I was meet by a gentleman in a red cloak with a plume in his hat and a patch over his left eye. This gentleman passed letters to me for delivery to your office and I placed them into my pouch."

"You had letters from an operative in your possession! What happened to those letters." Minister Gerissenheit asked. "Please answer at once before you continue."

Leutenant Klink hesitantly answered, "Those letters were in my pouch with all my reports. They are in the hands of the Jaegers."

Minister Gerissenheit sighed and said,"Continue your report and I shall try not to interrupt."

Leutenant Klink gathered himself and continued, "The day after the gentleman handed me the letters we arrived at the ford commonly known as the Smugglers Ford. I ordered my men into the ford and observed the depth from how high the water rose on their horses. When their horses reached the middle the water was deep enough almost cause the horses to begin swimming. I called them back to the bank and since it was late i had my men make camp with the intention of double checking the condition of the ford in the morning."

"It was a routine evening and following taking care of our horses the men and I settled down for an evening repose. Following supper I worked on reports on the condition of the fords and routine daily reports of the troop. Once my official duties were finished, I made a routine examination of the camp and the condition of the horses and equipment."

"With the examinations complete I ordered the fires kept large enough to keep coffee for the sentries but small enough to not draw attention. I went to sleep and ordered that I be awakened at 3am to begin the day. I place the time around midnight when I was awakened by gunfire and a rush of men in our camp. I reached for my weapons but found a soldier with his bayonet pointed at me menacingly. At that point I was compelled to surrender."

"The Schwabian Jaegers gathered us and quickly began to gather all the papers from the entire troop. Their officers kept telling them to gather all papers and they will be read at a later date. I must admit that they were thorough in their search and not a scrap of paper was left possession of the entire troop. They even seized bills from the merchants where I purchased my new boots and saddle."

"Following the search their commander ordered that we remove our boots. Then I saw them throw our saddles and horse blankets onto the fires. Then they threw all our supplies while they gathered our mounts and arms for transport. Then those damn Jaegers threw our boots on the fires and when we tried to protest bayonets brought our protest to an end."

"Keep away from the fords and we will not have to return. Tell your superiors that the League is vigilant in it's observation." their commander yelled at us then they withdrew to the river, I gathered a couple of my men and followed while the rest of the troop tried to salvage what they could. The Jaegers on the opposite side of the river kept over watch while they crossed. The name of their commander Was Fuchs and I swear that I will pay him back.

Since the moonlight allowed travel I gathered my troop with what we had salvaged and headed to our nearest outpost. Upon arrival I had my men rest and I commandeered a horse and headed to Oberst Schultz to inform him of the situation. He ordered me to accompany him here to report to you in person.

With that Leutenant Klink paused and stood back. Minister Gerissenheit asked, "Did you open any of the letters?"

"No sir. I thought that they were private and did not open them."

"Oh well, I wonder what that gentleman wanted to tell me. Albert where are you!" called the Minister. A clerk entered with a tray on which was a bottle of brandy and three glasses. "Place that here on my desk then you may leave," ordered the Minister.

"Gentleman I want a complete report on those fords. Can you remember most of the information."

"Minister the fords are not passable to wagons or artillery but infantry and cavalry can use them. Infantry would need to carry their guns and ammunition over their heads. A raid by the Jaeger Corps is feasible once my men have new mounts and equipment," Leutenant Klink stated.

Minister Gerissenheit bade the Jaegers to stand with him as he handed them each a glass. "Glory to Harzburg and the Hertzog! Gentlemen we have a long morning before us. Klink You must recount all the fords heights as best you remember them then your commander and I will see what can be done to repay the Schwabians. Albert !" called the Minister.

The clerk entered and was told to send for food, quills, paper, and messengers. "This is going to be a long morning," Albert thought as he scurried to comply with his orders.


  1. Leutenant Klink is extremely fortunate that he wasn't a vile Stagonian reporting to Mad King Ludwig. He would have been lucky to only have been "broken on the rack"; but more likely would have been "drawn and quartered" for having lost the letters.

    How fortunate for him that he serves the Herzog of Harzburg.

    -- Jeff

  2. The Herzog believes that discipline and obedience are a divine right. Loyal officers are not sent to the firing squad for truthful reporting a failure. Covering up a failure and allowing the enemy to profit will merit a visit to the executioner.

    Since Klink is still young, this blot on his record can be forgiven with years of meritorious service. Klink’s record is clean up to this date and thus his career is not ending. With war on the horizon, changes in command are not high on the Herzogs list.