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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Harzburgs Minister of Information, Albert Gerissenheit started the day by reading the latest intelligence reports from sources in Schwabia. He almost choked on his morning coffee when a report stated that a company of Jaegers had taken position at the town of Zwilling-Eichen. He read the report again to make sure he had gleaned all the facts he could then threw the report on the table.

"Damn those Jaegers" me muttered as he reached for the final report. Midway through the report he started to smile as he read that the Jaegers were training a large influx of new recruits. " So the Jaegers want to play near the border with recruits do they. Well we will have to give them something to do" He mumbled before returning to his coffee while the wheels started turning on a plan in his head.

"What news have you this morning Minister," Called the Herzog as he entered the Minsters office. Herzog Fredrick then sat in the chair reserved for him and reached out his hand as his assistant prepared a fresh cup of cofee.

"Your Grace there is news of Jaegers positioned at Zwilling-Eichen which means their operational area could interfere with our intelligence operations. Might I suggest that the Jaeger Corps move their operations to test these Jaegers as fully one third are new recruits."

"The Corps is occupied verifying the state of the fords along the river. Until the fords are suitable operations can not begin. You remember the fiasco my father had when he tried to force a crossing with pontoons.
I was just fourteen but swore that day that those rebels would be brought back under the control of Harzburg before I die."Herzog Fredrich stood and began to pace while sipping his coffee. Stopping he turned to the Minister and said, "One third recruits you say, well who command them?"

The Minister started fumbling through the reports and finally stated, "None of the reports mention the Jaegers commander. I will send messages to our contacts to find out and for them to observe the Jaegers routine."

"You do that and I will see that the Jaeger Corps keeps an eye out for any interference . Increase your surveillance as the ford near there is the best hope of an early operation with our artillery and supply wagons accompanying the infantry.

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