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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Jaegers tale I

Harzburgs Minister of Information, Albert Gerissenheit started the day as is his custom, reading the latest intelligence reports from sources in Schwabia. Midway through a knock on his door stopped him. "Come in!" he shouted as he put his cup of coffee down.

His clerk hesitantly entered and timidly spoke," I am sorry to bother you Minister, but there is a messenger here for you. He is a Mounted Jaeger
Leutenant Klink. He is accompanied by Oberst Schultz, commander of the Jaeger Corps."

"Might as well show them in then bring a bottle of Brandy as this does not seem to be a good day. Now hurry I still have to attend a meeting with the Herzog's council." With his clerk hurrying out the Minister cleared his desk by placing his papers in his desk.

Oberst Schultz entered with a disheveled Jaeger with dirty shoes. "Your companion is out of uniform her Oberst. Is how Jaegers come to meet a Minister of the Herzog."

"Minister Gerissenheit the condition of this officer is what this is about. I am sad to say but this Leutenant had a bad night and you need to here it. Klink if you want to stay in the Jaegers you will give your report and leave nothing out."

"Just calm down young man. It looks like the worst has already happened and all you can do is bravely carry on. Remember a officer must report failures as well as success," Minister Gerissenheit motioned the men to chairs by his desk as he sat down. "Begin your tale young man and be assured you will not be interrupted."

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