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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Winter plans

Ministers von Reinhard, and von Kortig meet in Minister Gerissenheit's office for an informal coordination meeting.  The Ministers meeting was to confirm plans for winter reshuffling of troops and planning for he spring offensive.

"Gentlemen take a seat and we shall get started." Minister Gerissenheit directed his guest to a table with three chairs and coffee decanter and cups on the table. "Please get your coffee and take a seat.  We have much to accomplish before we meet the Herzog tomorrow at the Baerschloss."  Minister Gerissenheit joined his guest and took a seat with his cup of coffee.

"If you please I will begin," Minister Gerissenheit  paused and received nods of approval.  "My latest information shows that the Schwabial League has gone into winter quarters and a quiet winter is expected."

"Except from that dam Fuchs.  I receive daily reports of their probing our forward base. I swear that man is on a mission to drive us all mad." stated Minister of War von Reinhard.

"His name does appear in my sources reports.  According to their reports he is increasing the size of his command. The reports state that his training exercises will keep our forward base under constant alert. Minister von Reinhard, I would advise you to keep pressure on those officers at our forward base to keep alert for raids from Fuchs Jaegers." Minister Gerissenheit paused to sip his coffee.

Minister of State von Kortig added, "The diplomatic front has stabilized.  The Bishopric of Uber-Gruntshuffen has gone quiet and I feel that troops needed to protect that front can be transferred to reserve units.  Frankszonia is tied to internal problems and we can protect our border there with reservist as well."

"If the information can be trusted, our manpower problems are greatly reduced. Can you confirm any of these diplomatic inquires?" Minister von Reinhard asked Minister Gerissenheit.

"My sources have been sending me the same information.  How does it affect the springs opperations?" asked Minister Gerissenheit.

"Reservist formations can patrol our boarders with Frankszonia and Uber-Gruntshuffen allowing regulars to take to the field. Though we are significantly larger than any state in Schwabia, the League can field as strong a force as we. Zwilling-Hügel showed that a direct assault on steady troops is a risky enterprise. We must have room to manuver to expoit our superior flexibility. My recruiting parties are even now scouring Schwabia for recruits and reports give hope that our forces will be near full strength by spring." said Minister von Reinhard.



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