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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Council Meets

Carriges began to arrive at the Baerschloss for meeting with the Herzog. Ministers Gerissenheit, von Reinhard, and von Kortig gathered as their secretaries collected the papers for the meeting.  All gathered stood silent as a company of the Herzog's Lieb Grenadiers smartly marched out and formed a three rank line before them. An officer stepped forward and spoke, " I am Hauptman Harzbad, You and your staff shall be escorted to the conference room.  The Hurzogs orders are for you gentlemen have your reports ready for his arrival. Questions?"  Silence followed the Hauptmans words, "Sergeant, attend the ministers party.  Ministers you will follow me."  As the Ministers followed the Hauptman they were aware of being surrounded by a party of Lieb Grenadiers.

The Hauptman led the party to the conference room and directed the Ministers to their seats. " Ministers your staff shall arrive directly. I must leave guards outside per orders, You will have privacy in this room to carry out your duties.  I must leave you now to see to my duties.  Good day Ministers." With that Hauptman Harzbad turned and left the room past two Lieb Grenadiers who then shut the door.

Minister Gerissenheit cleared his throat and began the meeting. " Gentlemen the news from the from must be dire.  The Hurzog would not clamp dawn the security unless the situation warranted it." 
'I wonder what news he has that is different from ours.  I am the Minister of War and if I cannot be accurate on my estimations of our forces effectiveness then why am I here." said an exasperated Minister von Reinhard.

"My department is gathering diplomatic information and making contacts to set up further diplomatic activity. If the information I am receiving is false, how can I give advice to the Hurzog?"

"Have no fears Minister von Kortig, and  von Reinhard, I am sure you each have your departments under control.  My agents regularly send me information that confirms your information.  The battle at Zwilling-Hügel stopped a possible winter campaigns in it's tracks.  My information is that our forces suffered severely and even now are only fifty percent effective." Minister Gerissenheit paused and let the information sink in.

Their meeting was interrupted by the arrival of their staff.  The secretraries prepared their ministers papers and seated themselves to aid their ministers in the meeting. As all the staff settled in Oberest von Hubersen entered followed by the Herzog. "I expect this meeting to lay out the requirements for the replenishment of our forces and plan for the spring operations.  I want this meeting to be short  and then each department will go to their suite and prepare for tomorrows meetings.  Now lets get to work."

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