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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Battle of Geuberbach [ Harzburg Gazette Report ] Part 2

The Artillary Regimentdeployed to cover the Harzburg left flank while new troops march onto the battlefierld.The left flank was wide open due to I Bn Lowes rout.
While I Bn Brandts continued to fight the Furstins Bn, Harzbach Converged Grenadiers and I Bn Thalbers deployed to engage the Muhlehaus Bn on the hill. The new troops prevented the Muhlehaus Bn from flanking I Bn Brandts.

Due to a confusion over orders, Klineburg Dragoons moved out alone to delay the advance of the Flatsburg Bn.  The Artillary Fussiliers stayed near the 12lb Battery instead of going out to support.  The brave Dragoons withstood the volley from Flatsburg and refused to break.

I Bn Brandts finaly drove Furstins to break and flee.

I Bn Talbers and the Grenadiers withstood Muhlehaus volleys and returned the favor. The I Brigade gun was eliminated leaving the gun on the hill.

As the battle for the hill intensifies, II Brigade gun moves to help gain an advantage on the right flank.

Flatsburg Bn awaited their fate as the Harzburg revenge advanced with determination.

I Bn Fenstermacher and the Artillery Fusiliers on their left advanced to engage the Flatsburg BN.

As they marched forward the Harzburg infantry shrugged of the Flatsburg volley.  Cooly they stopped and delivered a temendous first volley shredding the Flatsburg line. When the smoke cleared, the Flatsburg Bn will was broken and they routed from the field.

Having drove the Furstins Bn away Brandts now was assaulted by I Bn Adlerzwillinge. These fresh troops managed to get first fire and delivered a devastaing first fire. 
Driven to one third streangth, Brandts finaly broke under the strain of battle and withdrew from the field.

The Harzburgers begin to force the Muhlehaus infantry back along the hill.

Our artist paints a view of the battle at the point when the Schwabians began to slink away from our brave victorious troops. 

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