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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Battle of Zwilling-Hügel report

From : Prinz William Augustus von Harzburg
           Center Division Army of Harzburg

To:     Herzog Fredrick William von Harzburg III


As ordered, my forces advanced upon the Schwabian definsive position at Zwilling-Hügel.  The Schwabians positioned their guns on the hill either side of the road. Their infantry was placed behind the crest of the hills behind the guns.  The 2 squadrons of cavalry were on either flank to match our deployment.

von Stribling commanded the right brigade while von Harzbach commanded the left brigade, each were ordered to clear the hill to their front.  The dragoon squadrons were positioned on the flanks of the infantry to engage te enemy horse.  The 12lb battery positioned itself in the center to provide aid where needed.

Our troops advanced and delivered volly's upon the battalion guns on the hill. on our next advance the enemy infantry took up positions on the hills with their guns and a general firefight ensued.  While von Stribling advanced to close range and continued the firefight, von Harzbach left Thalbers to engage one of the enemy and sent the Harzbach Grenadiers and Fenstermacher Regiment to charge the enemy to their front. The dragoons charged and engaged the enemy horse to their front.

The Aubach Dragoons eliminated the Flatsburg Dragoons in close combat and captured their flag. This redems them from the last engagement where the Flatsburg Dragoons bested them. The Kleinberg Dragoons remained in close combat with the Furstins Horse untill ordered to disengage to cover the withdrawl.

Only Lowes Regiment withstood the devastating enemy fire while it's 2 companions broke from the casualties sustained in the fight. Thalbers sustained significant losses byt stood firm.  The Harzbach Grenadiers broke and ran from the close combat leaving their flag and Fenstermacher engaged.

At this point to preserve my force I ordered a cesation of hostilities and had the Dragoons cover our withdrawl back to Hoffmanns Farmstead to regroup.  Due to the losses sustained, offensive opperations can not be continued for this season.  I am looking to the defense of Hoffmanns Farmstead to preserve our forward operations base.

Your Humble Servant

Prinz William Augustus von Harzburg

For pictures of the battle

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