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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Baerschloss festivities continue 2

Oberst von Hubersen entered the room and came to attention and saluted the Hewrzog. "Your orders have been carried out," he said then waited for further orders.

"Oberst take a seat, I wish the input of a serving officer. Today, I intend to plan new operations in Swabia." "I am honored Your Highness.Said the Oberst then he took a seat.

The Herzog began, "The campaign season is coming to an end and the Schwabians have almost finished turning Zwilling-Eichen into a forward base where we will certainly need to focus of our operations next. The question is, do we take it before winter quarters or in the spring?" The room grew quiet and the Herzog resumed, "Since there are no suggestions, I propose that we begin operations before winter ends all campaigning. I want to probe the southern borders and tie up those Schwabian forces while the Jaeger Corps will raid North of Zwilling-Eichen pulling troops North. I want forces to puse toward Zwilling-Eichen and engage them. Our winter plans will depend on the outcome of that engagement. Your opinions and I expect your truthful thoughts."

Gerbert von Reinhard, the new Minister of War, said "The provisions are abundant for operations and winter gear is available should operations continue throughout the winter. At present, our forces have a strength of 300 per battalion.  Our Jaeger Corps is at full strength at 2-160 man companies and 1-160 man Mounted Jaeger squadron. Our horse is short of men and horses but adequate for operations."

Minister of Information, Albert Gerissenheit injected, "The Schwabians are in the same situation. Even with the return of the Reich contingent they will field less battalions, squadrons, and guns than we can put into the field. The Herzog's plan should give our forces at worst an even fight at Zwilling-Eichen."

Oberst von Hubersen stated, "Our troops will give a good account and are ready for the fight.  Our formations may be lean but that lean is all muscle."

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