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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Jaeger Corps opperations

Minister Gerissenheit ‘s secretary enterd the ministers office carrying papers, “Here are the first batch of orders to be dispatched Minister. Oberst Schultz and Leutenant Klink are in the outer office as you requested.”

“Show them in I’m ready to pass their orders to them. I want you to have my evening coffee while I continue getting the orders sent out.” Minister Gerissenheit sat behind his desk as his secretary turned and left the room. The minister began to shuffle papers as his door opened and the Jaeger officers entered. “Gentlemen take a seat and I will be with be you directly.”

With the papers in the correct order the Minister looked up and began to explain the orders to the officers. “Gentlemen your orders have been approved personaly by the Herzog, Take note and do not stray from them. Oberst Schultz, I will hold you personaly responsible for the condut of the Jaeger Corps in the upcoming operation. Your Jaeger Corps is ordered to actively patroll the Smugglers Ford in an obvious fashon. The Herzog wants the Schwabian scouts to have no trouble seeing your patrols.”

“Minister, if we patrol in such an obvious manner they will be alerted that we plan to use the ford? I am at a loss as to what advantage it would give our operations.” said a confussed Oberst Schultz.

“You need not understand all the Herzog’s plan. This plan is his and we will carry out his orders whether we understand them or not. Luckily for you the Herzog gave me permission to give you an idea of why you are to patroll the ford in an obvious manner. The Herzog wants those people to fixate on that ford while we are preparing the field force."

"Elements of 4 regiments and 4 grenadier companies, 2 squadrons of dragoons, and an artillary company are being gathered to provide the punch for the Herzog’s reaction to their raid. You must not cross the river, and that order came directly from the Herzog! I expect you to keep Klink in line and not out looking for revenge. I want that ford to be the center of Schabian attention. Do you understand your mission Oberst Schultz?”

“Minister, I am still not completely clear on the plan but my Corps will actively patroll that ford and we will be so obvious that a blind or deaf man would know it.”

The Minister's secretary opened the office door and a tray with cups and hot coffee was brought in and placed on a side table. “Anything else Minister?”

“Not at the moment, gather the staff and when the gentlemen leave have them bring their pens and paper for evening dispatches.” The minister then directed the officers to the side table and the chairs. “Gentlemen get some coffee and take a seat. I would like to hear your initial thoughts on how you plan to keep their attention on the ford.”

The Minister and officers sat and spent an hour going over ideas for the Jaeger Corps upcoming actions. “ Gentlemen, I am sure you have your part of the plan in hand and I assure you that your actions are necessary. You will be provided with new orders when the plan is to go active.” The officers were then shown the door and the staff was directed to enter for the nights dispatches.

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