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Thursday, November 3, 2011



Elements of our army met the rebellious Schwabians in battle and once again proved the superiority of our cause.  von Stribling was tasked with the task of securing the ford for the supply trains use.  von Stribling amassed the majority of his forces upon the main ford and prepared to smash the Schwabian defense.

von Stribling commanded 3 battalions of foot and a 6lb gun while von Fitz commanded 2 converged Grenadier battalions and the Artillery Regiment, made up of a 12lb battery and Fusilier detachment.

The Schwabians opposed the crossing with 3 reinforced battalions with 3lb battalion guns.  Their defense consisted of their infantry in a line using the hill as the focus of their defense.

Upon reaching the optimal range the Harzburgers delivered devastating fire from a Grenadier battalion, Fusiliers, and 12lb Battery.  The Furstins battalion suffered 170 casualties before they returned  feeble return fire. 

von Stribling ponders the next phase of the attack as fire is exchanged with the other Flatsburg and Muhlehause defenders. After a moments thought, he boldly ordered his troops to closely engage the Schwabians.

Oberst-leutenant Hamilton directed the diversionary attack upon the minor ford on the Harzburg right .  Hampered by chest high water any troops crossing would be disordered.  Oberst-leutenant Fitz, commanding the Alderzillinge battalion, 3lb battalion gun, and Fuchs Jaegers opposed our brave troops. 

The Alderzillingers enters a firefight with Fenstermacher's Foot after they had driven Fuchs Jaegers  away from the ford.  Hamilton managed to draw the 2 Schwabian squadrons from the main attack.  Harzburgs Dragoon squadrons prepared to cross the ford as Schwabian squadrons closed upon them.   

Back at the main ford, Furstins battalion moved closer to the hill and their 3lb gun.  von Striblings Grenadiers would charge them and crush their will to resist causing them to flee in terror.

The Flatsburg and Muhlehause battalions engaged our brave lads in a firefight for the hill. The rout of the Furstins battalion allowed our troops the option to flank the Schwabians.  Our remaining Grenadier battalion crossed the ford to join in the attack. von Striblings battalion moved around the hill while Lowes, Brandts, and Thalberts attacked the hill in the                                                        face of Schwabian defensive fire.

The Flatsburg battalion broke and joined the Furstins battalion. Thalberts and Brandts occupy the hill while lowes charged the Muhlehause battalion.

The outcome of Lowes and Muhlehause engagement was a tense moment for the Harzburg commanders.  Victory on their left front hinged on the outcome.
Muhlehause would break and join their compatriates in flight.  No Schwabians would stand in our troops path to victory.

von Stribling and von Fitz shared smiles of releif as the last Schwabian fled from the defense of the ford and hill.

Meanwhile at the minor ford the Harzburg Dragoons crossed the ford and sought to engage the Alderzillingers.  Fenstermacher's had been reduced to below half streangth and unable to attack.  To reduce the preassure on their foot,  Aubachs went in at the charge with Kleinbergs in support.  The Furstins Horse rode behind their foot and took position on the left flank.  The Flatsburg Dragoons countercharged Aubachs Dragoons meeting them before they could close with Alderzillingers foot.  After a sharp and heated melee Aubachs withdrew back over the ford. With Aubachs withdrawl Kleinbergs
                                                     also withdrew back over the ford.

The final act of the engagement was the limbering of the 12lb guns and having them cross the ford.  The Schwabians from the minor ford covered the retreat with our troops closely following up.

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